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I'm Gitte. I take pictures. I read comics. I watch way too many movies.
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how i ask people not to touch me

this has 200 notes i hate this website

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The Spencer Davis Group,
Mad Men: Season 7 (Music From The Original Series)


I’m A Man- The Spencer Davis Group


Color of the Day-Monday-Blue/Aqua


age limits on things more like stop it


Jacky Mazel in pale yellow chiffon dance dress by Christian Dior, photo by Pottier, 1955

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Gagged on my mouthful of padding

blood all over the sink


Adventures in dentistry?

Whatever the case, I hope you feel better and I recommend chicken noodle soup through a straw.

yup, I’m now short a wisdom tooth, my wisdom points have never been lower

Chicken noodle soup through a straw is a wonderful idea

time to root through the cupboards

Waaaaait! No straws after you get your wisdom teeth taken out! At least for a few days. I can’t find a good article on the explanation why but it can lead to a bad ouchie. (something called dry socket, which really looks unfun)

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Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)


Instrumental Version of Run Boy Run by Woodkid from the train scene in Divergent (sadly not on the soundtrack)

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[Ambient light via candles and light with a snoot placed to the left of subject, slightly angled from above]